In the video course “Standards and Regulations apart ISO/SAE 21434 - Video Course - (G1_4)” you will get a first overview of standards and regulations linked to cybersecurity besides the well-known ISO/SAE 21434 Road Vehicles – Cybersecurity Engineering. Additionally, you will learn the difference between regulations and standards with a special focus on compliance. In detail you will get a first glimpse of UN Regulation No. 155 and No. 156, ISO PAS 5112, ISO 24089, IEC 62443 and more.

With this knowledge, you are capable to discuss the scope and the goals of different standards and regulations.

Course plan

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G1_4 I. Intro to a summary of Standards/Regulations apart from ISO/SAE 21434
G1_4 II. Importance of Standards/Regulations Apart from ISO/SAE 21434
G1_4 III. Regulations vs Standards
G1_4 V. Other Standards in detail
G1_4 VI. Consequences of ignoring Standards and Regulations
G1_4 VII. Sum Up