As an automotive specialist, you know that with the ongoing technological development of the automobile, automotive cybersecurity is becoming a challenge for the entire supply chain.

It is not only a matter of building up the necessary knowledge about automotive cybersecurity (for example, through training and learning courses), but also of providing the corresponding evidence of this knowledge.

For example, ISO/SAE 21434 Road Vehicles - Cybersecurity Engineering and UN Regulation No. 155 set out very specific evidence obligations in terms of automotive cybersecurity competencies.

This is where the ACP Framework comes in. The ACP Framework stands for a holistic automotive cybersecurity competence management consisting of knowledge provision and the corresponding certification of persons (in cooperation with TÜV Rheinland as certification partner).

Here, on the CYRES Academy online learning platform, you will find the training courses (ACP Level 1 and ACP Level 2), related official ACP certifications, as well as advanced learning video courses and informational materials.

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Pre-order now: ISO/SAE 21434:2021 Workbook - officially licensed by ISO

As part of our commitment to the industry in bringing new applicable knowledge and supporting companies with UN Regulation No. 155 compliance, in addition to our usual daily consulting business, we are working on launching the highly anticipated ISO/SAE 21434:2021 Workbook.

It will be the world's first ISO/SAE 21434:2021 Workbook officially licensed by ISO. The ISO/SAE 21434:2021 Workbook will provide practical application of the automotive cybersecurity standard.
  • all work products (and corresponding requirements, recommendations and permissions) of ISO/SAE 21434:2021 (“First Edition”) – officially licensed by ISO
  • Field-tested templates for key work products, such as Cybersecurity Plan, CIA, Item Definition, Cybersecurity Concept, TARA, and more
  • Expert interviews, background information, explanations with a practical perspective across the automotive value chain.

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NEW: Meet us in Munich at our monthly Automotive Cybersecurity Afterwork

Are you familiar with the threats that might arise during vehicle production and the various attack vectors present? In this edition of our Automotive Cybersecurity Afterwork series, we delve into the integration of necessary security measures during production and OT Security as a possible solution.

Join us and Limes Security on Sep. 28, 2023 in Munich to learn about security in production as demanded by ISO/SAE 21434 and UN R155. 

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NEW: Discover ACP Level 1 "Foundation" as a learning video course

Now, in addition to the option of taking the Automotive Cybersecurity Professional Level 1 training as a live online training (see dates below), you have the new alternative of accessing all the learning content of this level as a learning video course on our learning platform: in 45 single video courses with over 8 hours of video footage.

Participation in the video course includes a certificate of attendance and qualifies you (exactly like the live training) for the subsequent certification examination with TÜV Rheinland Qualified Certification.
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Your start to becoming an Automotive Cybersecurity Professional

Besides the CYRES Academy automotive cybersecurity trainings, we have broken down our the ACP Level 1 and ACP Level 2 content into short video courses. Below you will find all the  video learning courses from our Automotive Cybersecurity Professional on-demand learning program. Over 100+ learning videos on 9 special topic modules are available.

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Chapter 1. Cybersecurity Awareness
Chapter 2. Automotive Cybersecurity Standards
Chapter 3. Cybersecurity in Automotive Industry
Chapter 4. Cybersecurity Management
Chapter 5. Cybersecurity Development
Chapter 6. Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
Chapter 7. Cybersecurity Implementation
Chapter 8. Cybersecurity Controls
Chapter 9. Cybersecurity Testing and Validation