Automotive cybersecurity makes it imperative to bring together a variety of different stakeholders within the organization (and beyond) to ensure proper cybersecurity implementation. Learn more about the key stakeholders for cybersecurity at the organizational and project level: In this video course “Stakeholder and Communication (G9_3)”, we will discuss what a stakeholder is and how to properly communicate information between different types of stakeholders.

In the first part of the video course we will define together: What is a stakeholder in general and in concrete terms when it comes to cybersecurity? It is simple, but in cybersecurity, it depends on whether we are talking about stakeholders for an organization or stakeholders for a project, to better understand this we give you examples for each perspective.

Next to that, we will talk about a stakeholder analysis, which provides a classification for stakeholders to better prioritize and understand stakeholders; and based on this stakeholder analysis, we can establish and maintain communication channels in a way that is logical to each stakeholder.

Finally, we go through the different types of potential communication channels e.g., all hands meeting, Q&A sessions, workshops, etc. Now that we have categorized our stakeholders and listed potential communication channels, we will explain information exchange procedures and what exactly is expected to communicate based on the type of stakeholder.

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G9_3 Stakeholder and Communication