In product development, the question frequently arises regarding to what extent the concept of reuse can be applied for reasons of efficiency at various points: Can existing developments (certain elements, components or similar) be reused?

This is a question that is of utmost importance in automotive development to maximize efficiency in time, cost, and development effort - but from a cybersecurity perspective, it can also create risks. This is what the video course "Cybersecurity impact analysis: Concept and reuse analysis (G13_3)" is about. We look at the approach of Reuse analysis as outlined within ISO/SAE 21434.

Wrong decisions in reuse can have serious consequences for cybersecurity that go far beyond the item or component itself. Accordingly, ISO/SAE 21434 also pays special attention to reuse.

In this video course, the introduction will first highlight the concept of reuse and its added value to development, while also addressing cybersecurity implications. Then we show exactly what ISO/SAE 21434 means by reuse analysis and its specific implications.

In the next step, we will look at the reuse analysis process in detail. You will learn the main steps in detail:

  • Modification of the object, component or operating environment,

  • Cybersecurity implications of the changes,

  • Identification of the affected work products,

  • as well as Activities to adapt the changes (including explanatory examples).

This includes a demonstration of the interrelationships that may exist and, in particular, how the Cybersecurity Plan is considered and what the situation is when the reuse of the planned item or component is planned in a larger system.

This video course has a length of about 10 minutes.

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G13_3 Cybersecurity impact analysis: Concept and reuse analysis