In the development work of the automotive industry, the systematic and holistic execution of Cybersecurity testing is of major importance in questions of Cybersecurity. To be more precise: Cybersecurity test methods can be seen as the backbone in the area of Cybersecurity Verification and Validation. In this video course "Introduction to Cybersecurity test methods" you will get an overview of the different cybersecurity test methods, including detailed explanations and examples.

In the first part of the video, we will first define to you what Cybersecurity testing is and what the workflow of testing looks like. Then, we will start exploring the different Cybersecurity testing methods in the Automotive industry, starting with Functional cybersecurity testing and Automotive vulnerability scanning.

After that, we will continue exploring more Cybersecurity testing methods, specifically covering the Automotive fuzz testing method and the Automotive penetration testing method. Lastly, we will list for you different examples of frequently used cybersecurity testing tools.

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G8_7 Introduction to cybersecurity test methods