With the advancing digitization of the automotive industry, one question becomes of increasing importance: Is a component, a system or a specific asset actually cybersecurity relevant? The CYRES Academy On Demand video course Development Overview & Cybersecurity Relevance (G3_4)” aims to answer this question. Especially also with regard to the subsequent question about the necessity to apply ISO/SAE 21434 Road Vehicles - Cybersecurity Engineering.

In addition, the most important activities in the context of the integration of cybersecurity in development are summarized in general.

Please note: This video is based on content from ISO/SAE 21434:2021 Road Vehicles - Cybersecurity Engineering.

This video contains four topics:

I. Intro to Development Overview & Cybersecurity Relevance
In the intro you will get to know what you will learn in this video course and why it is important to your daily work.

II. Cybersecurity Development Overview

In this part of the course we will go step by step through the different phases of cybersecurity development and show what is included in each phase.

III. Cybersecurity Relevancy

In this part of the course, we will go through the methodology and criteria for deciding if a product is cybersecurity relevant or not. In addition, we highlight in detail what ISO/SAE 21434 reveals for assessing cybersecurity relevance.

IV. Sum Up

Finally, here we will sum up what you have learned about cybersecurity development and how to evaluate cybersecurity relevance.

Course plan

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G3_4 II. Cybersecurity Development Overview
G3_4 III. Cybersecurity Relevancy
G3_4 IV. Sum Up