Welcome to the CYRES Academy On Demand Video Course "Distributed Development (G2_3)"

This video course is of particular importance since, having a general understanding of distributed development is essential for meeting ISO/SAE 21434 expectations, as well as reducing the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of the product.

After watching this video, you will be able to differentiate between different compositions of distributed development and explain them thoroughly.

Please note: This video is based on content from ISO/SAE 21434 Road Vehicles - Cybersecurity Engineering (DIS version).

This Video Contains six topics:

I. Intro to Distributed Development
In the intro you will get to know what you will learn in this video course which will lead you to a better understanding of what distributed development is.

II. Importance of Distributed Development
Here's why Distributed Development is important.

III. Meaning of Distributed Development
In this part of the course, we will explain the meaning of Distributed Development and the different parties involved in distribution.

IV. Suppliers & Customers Alignment
Here we will clarify the importance of having suppliers and customers aligned with a common understanding. And what are some of the questions that both parties would have.

V. Important documents for distributed development
In this video we will focus on the most important documents, the two major work products for distributed development which are the Supplier Evaluation Report and the Cybersecurity Interface Agreement for Development (CIAD).

VI. Sum Up

Finally, here we will sum up what you have learned about distributed development, relevant documents and the different parties involved.

Course plan

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G2_3 II. Importance of Distributed Development
G2_3 III. Meaning of Distributed Development
G2_3 IV. Suppliers & Customers Alignment
G2_3 V. Important documents for distributed development
G2_3 VI. Sum Up