When it comes to TARA the first step is asset identification, but how exactly do we know if an asset requires security and is cybersecurity relevant? Of course, as you might already expect, the ISO/SAE 21434 doesn’t have a clear answer to this question. Therefore, in this video course “Asset Identification (G4_5)” we will talk about how to identify assets, what are the different approaches for assets identification, and the difference between them.

To preface this, we will first define what asset identification is and what a cybersecurity asset means. Next, we will give you a brief overview of the two different approaches or methods that could be used to preform assets identification.

Afterwards, we will detail exactly what the main differences between the functional approach and the technical approach are. Finally, we will explain to you what cybersecurity properties are and how to determine them and their role in asset identification.

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G4_5 Asset Identification